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Meet Dr. Russ Jones

I'm Dr. Russ Jones and thank you for stopping by. I've been doing Bigfoot research for decades, operating out of my house in Teays Valley, West Virginia and my farm in Athens, Ohio.

I've lived in West Virginia for over 30 years and am intimately familiar with the region. I grew up in southeast Ohio and have always spent time in the woods there. As a teenager I had a couple of what I believe were Bigfoot experiences and have been consumed and passionate about it my whole life. Aside from my two books, and the Wide-Open Research podcast, I have spoken to and interviewed hundreds of witnesses.

A short time ago I was on a remote West Virginia mountaintop on a beautiful day. Looking across the miles of ridges and valleys it occurred to me the odds of bumping into a rare animal that may not be within 50 miles of me were tiny. That's where you come in! I believe that many of you have had sightings and may believe these animals may be around your property at different times of the year. I would love to hear from you in the "report a sighting section."

Just like my patients, I will protect your name and location. No one will be showing up at your house. If real, this animal may well be one of the greatest stories of our lifetime. I would love for you to help me solve it.


Here are some photos from sightings and expeditions. Please reach out if you have photo or video proof of your own!


A- Tens of thousands and that's just the documented ones.

A- At this time close to 400. Most prints are found without casting materials nearby.

A- it could be Gigantopithecus, Paranthropus (both documented species with fossils), an ape, or relic hominid.

A- Yes, most are probably misidentifications, and a few are hoaxes mixed in with the legitimate ones. Each year there are several unimpeachable reports and I live for those.

A- Footprint casts showing functional anatomy, sweat pores, and dermatoglyphics. Hairs that are unidentified, and some pieces of compelling video.

A- Estimates are between 4,000 and 20,000, I would suspect toward the lower number. It's a very rare animal and exist roughly to about 1 Bigfoot per 100 bears.

A- Any animal can be but I think a more fair statement would be they are curious of humans and may avoid them.

A- between being in the woods, interviews, witnesses, and doing shows, hundreds of hours a year.