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Q- How many sightings have there been documented.
A- Tens of thousands and that’s just the documented ones.

Q-how many footprint casts have been documented?
A- At this time close to 400. Most prints are found without casting materials nearby.

Q- What could Bigfoot be?
A- it could be Gigantopithecus, Paranthropus (both documented species with fossils), an ape, or relic hominid.

Q- Are some reports hoaxes?
A- Yes, most are probably misidentifications, and a few are hoaxes mixed in with the legitimate ones. Each year there are several unimpeachable reports and I live for those.

Q- Is there any evidence?
A- Footprint casts showing functional anatomy, sweat pores, and dermatoglyphics. Hairs that are unidentified, and some pieces of compelling video.

Q- How many Bigfoot are in North America?
A- Estimates are between 4,000 and 20,000, I would suspect toward the lower number. It’s a very rare animal and exist roughly to about 1 Bigfoot per 100 bears.

Q- Are they dangerous?
A- any animal can be but I think a more fair statement would be they are curious of humans and may avoid them.

Q- How many hours do you spend doing this?
A- between being in the woods, interviews, witnesses, and doing shows, hundreds of hours a year.